10.9.2014 Uutinen

Call for proposals in Kasvatustieteen päivät!

Among many other interesting theme groups, people from the LET team are participating in organizing two theme groups for the conference Kasvatustieteen päivät 2014!

10.9.2014 Uutinen

ECER2014 awarded PREP21 research project’s poster

EERA Poster Jury awarded PREP21 research project’s poster as one of the three best posters at 4th of September, 2014 in Porto Portugal.

22.8.2014 Uutinen

New special issue published


16.6.2014 Uutinen

SLAM-hanke sai tutkimusrahoituksen Suomen Akatemialta

Suomen Akatemia myönsi tutkimushankerahoituksen Oppimisen ja Koulutusteknologian tutkimusyksikköön (LET).

3.6.2014 Uutinen

Kasvatustieteen maisteri Jonna Malmbergin väitöstilaisuus 6.6.2014

Kasvatustieteen maisteri Jonna Malmbergin kasvatustieteen alaan liittyvä väitöstilaisuus on perjantaina 06.06.2014 klo 12.00 Kaljusensalissa (KTK 112).

14.5.2014 Uutinen

Dr. Julia Klug will be visiting the LET on week 21

Visiting scholar Julia Klug from Vienna University will be with the LET team (19-22/05).

14.5.2014 Uutinen

Twitterfeed test (Jari kokeilee)

Hello! Twitterfeed test. Let's integrate www and twitter ;)

14.5.2014 Uutinen

Professor Peggy A. Ertmer's visit on week 21

Visiting professor Peggy A. Ertmer from Purdue University will be visiting the LET and has a lecture about her research area:

2.4.2014 Uutinen

Visitors in the LET

Nacho Montero, Dr., Associate Professor from the Autonomous University of Madrid (week 13)

18.2.2014 Uutinen

LET etsii puolipäiväistä tutkimusapulaista

Kasvatustieteiden tiedekunnassa toimiva Oppimisen ja Koulutusteknologian tutkimusyksikkö (LET) etsii puolipäiväistä tutkimusapulaista avustamaan Suomen Akatemian rahoittamaa oppimisen strategisiin

29.1.2014 Uutinen

LET was succesful in RAE evaluation

LET Research Unit was successful in the Oulu University RAE 2014 evaluation (Research Assessment Exercise).

24.1.2014 Uutinen

Learning, Education and Technology Master’s Degree Programme has two new Alumni Ambassadors

We are pleased to announce that our international Master´s Degree Programme Learning, Education and Technology has received two new Alumni Ambassadors.

22.1.2014 Uutinen

LeaF-tutkimustilan avajaiset

20.12.2013 Uutinen

LET team members in EAPRIL

Niina Impiö, Jari Laru and Päivi Tikkala participated EAPRIL 2013 conference in Switzerland.

9.12.2013 Uutinen

UBIKO -project was one of the 5 nominees of the EAPRIL Best Research & Practice Project Award

UBIKO is a pedagogical development project (2011-2013) with a wide-ranging approach (pedagogy, infrastructure, culture) to modify school life to the 21st century learning needs.

5.12.2013 Uutinen

International Master’s Degree Programme Learning, Education and Technology open for applications

The application period for our International Master’s Degree Programme Learning, Education and Technology is open for applications!

28.11.2013 Uutinen

LET on saanut Suomen Akatemian hankerahoituksen PREP 21 -hankkeelle

Oppimisen ja Koulutusteknologian tutkimusyksikkö (LET) saanut Suomen Akatemian hankerahoituksen (PREP 21 - Preparing teacher students for the 21st century learning practices) Tutkimus toteutetaan k

15.11.2013 Uutinen

Pilot study to be run by the PROSPECTs team

The recently open LEAForum will be hosting a pilot study in which students from the LET Master programme will participate.

16.10.2013 Uutinen

PhD student Kristiina Kurki was selected for the 4 -year position for Eudaimonia doctoral program

PhD student Kristiina Kurki from the LET -team was selected for one of the 10 positions of 4-year Eudaimonia Doctoral Program of the University of Oulu (EUDA-DP).

15.10.2013 Uutinen

News from the PROSPECT project progress

PROSPECTs is in its second year and, after a successful completion of the first data collection, we are getting ready for the second data collection (spring 2014).

14.10.2013 Uutinen

CoCreat Open Conference

You may join webcast to see CoCreat (Enabling Creative Collaboration through Supportive Technologies)

3.10.2013 Uutinen

LET's new intern introduces himself

LET team has a new intern during the Autumn semester. INTRODUCTION:

2.10.2013 Uutinen

LeaForum's new websites have opened

Learning and Interaction Observation Forum (LeaForum) has opened website in www.leaforum.fi.